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A revolutionary application to offer an optimized testing and vaccination experience, ensuring broad accessibility and rapid results dissemination.

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The Story of Viral Solutions 🤘

Viral Solutions, Southeast America's beacon in COVID-19 management, made waves by spearheading Atlanta Public Schools' first surveillance testing. Yet, they weren't stopping there. In September 2020, with eyes set on the future, they embarked on a mission to redefine testing operations.

Their quest? To redefine data management, enrich patient data accuracy, expedite test results, and fortify HIPAA standards. In this ambitious pursuit, they teamed up with tech innovators, CarbonTeq.

The result? A groundbreaking tech solution that transformed Viral Solutions into a paragon of efficiency and agility.

Challenges Faced by Viral Solutions:

Handling 5,000 to 7,000 drive-through tests daily across various sites, Viral Solutions grappled with an overwhelming manual workflow. Key challenges included:

Surging Data Demands

The pandemic's intensity led to massive test data, demanding an efficient processing system.

Manual Data Collection

Virtual assistants were burdened with collecting patient data, making it time-consuming.

Result Communication

The same team had to sign and dispatch results, calling for significant manpower to scale.

HIPAA Compliance

Ensuring any developed system met stringent HIPAA regulations was paramount.

Solution Provided by CarbonTeq

Confronted with Viral Solutions challenges, CarbonTeq devised a groundbreaking tech blueprint. The core solutions rolled out included:

  • Streamlined Patient Registration: CarbonTeq developed a self-service portal for patients to pre-book or register on-site, simplifying data collection.
  • Automated Sampling and Labeling: Leveraging third-party Electronic Health Record (EHR) management software, the sample collection and labeling process was transformed, guaranteeing precision and speed.
  • Efficient Order Management & Results Access: CarbonTeq's system dispatched test orders effortlessly to labs, while patients could swiftly retrieve results via dedicated portals. Automated SMS alerts kept them informed in real-time.
  • Optimized User Experience: Catering to a broad user base, CarbonTeq sculpted intuitive and user-friendly digital interfaces, ensuring easy navigation for all.

Carbonteq & Viral Solution’s Partnership Snapshot

The synergy between Viral Solutions and CarbonTeq has evolved into a formidable alliance. Beyond mere solution development, CarbonTeq has seamlessly integrated into the very fabric of Viral Solutions' operations. Today, the dedicated 11-member CarbonTeq brigade serves as Viral Solutions' development and support arm. Their roles span from maintaining active apps, guaranteeing consistent functionality, tackling arising challenges, to refining features based on user insights. This structure speaks volumes about the partnership's depth and CarbonTeq's unwavering pledge to fortify Viral Solutions' journey.

The Results 🤘

CarbonTeq's transformative solution ushered in a new era of efficiency for Viral Solutions. Post-implementation, the milestones achieved include:

Automation Mastery

An impressive 65,000 test results were processed in just three months, with a staggering 2.4 million results to date.

Operational Efficiency

The automation eradicated the need for a large workforce for result communication, translating to significant cost and time savings.

Expedited Processes

Plate mapping processing time plummeted from an hour to a mere five minutes.

The Results

CarbonTeq's solutions brought transformative results for Honeycomb Credit:

Superior User Experience

The platform became more intuitive, enhancing user satisfaction.

Efficient Investment Process

Investors experienced faster and smoother transactions.

Streamlined Operations

Automation led to significant time and effort savings.

Personalized User Engagement

Enhanced customization options provided a unique platform experience.

Data-Driven Insights

Consolidated data views enabled informed decision-making

The enduring alliance between Viral Solutions and CarbonTeq stands as a testament to the might of sustained partnerships in navigating intricate challenges. Over a span of three years, their synergized efforts and continuous innovations have reshaped the landscape of COVID-19 testing, underscoring the power of collaboration in dynamic times.

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