Wavelength Case Study

An innovative platform designed to bridge the gap between alumni and their alma mater, ensuring seamless connections, easy outreach, and personalized experiences.

Wavelength & Carbonteq Partnership Highlights

User Satisfaction Rate.


Educational Organizations Onboarded.


Alumni Profiles Created


The Story of Wavelength 🤘

In the tech-driven educational landscape, Wavelength emerged as a beacon. Founded in 2017, this EdTech platform revolutionized alumni networking. It wasn't just about finding lost alumni data; Wavelength empowered alumni to reconnect, reminisce, and rekindle bonds on their terms.

Their mission? To simplify alumni relations, offer enriched data, foster engagement, and streamline volunteer management. With this vision, Wavelength expanded its horizons, enabling alumni to explore job opportunities, reconnect with peers, find roommates, and much more. Moreover, it empowered institutions to seamlessly accept donations, dispatch targeted emails, and access real-time data updates.

Challenges Faced by Wavelength 

With Wavelength's expansion came growing pains. Their main hurdle was ensuring consistent development and daily upkeep of the platform, especially with their lead developer redirecting attention. The specific challenges included:

Codebase Optimization

While Wavelength had an existing software foundation, they required an external team to refine and complete it.

Ongoing Platform Management

Beyond development, there was a need for a dedicated team to oversee daily operations and maintenance.

Solution Provided by CarbonTeq

Recognizing Wavelength's unique challenges, Carbonteq stepped in with a tailored tech blueprint. Their solutions encompassed:

  • Custom Software Development: Leveraging Python and Node.js expertise, Carbonteq enhanced Wavelength's core functionalities.
  • Feature Development: Introducing new features that enriched the user experience and expanded platform capabilities.
  • Integration & Refactoring: Seamlessly integrating various components and refining the existing codebase for optimal performance.

Wavelength & Carbonteq Partnership Snapshot 

The collaboration between Wavelength and Carbonteq transcended traditional client-vendor dynamics. With regular communication, efficient project management, and a shared vision, this partnership thrived. Weekly sync-ups, facilitated by tools like Trello, ensured alignment, timely deliveries, and budget adherence. This synergy speaks volumes about the depth of their collaboration and Carbonteq's commitment to Wavelength's success.

The Results 🤘

Carbonteq's tech solutions propelled Wavelength to new heights. With enhanced functionalities and an improved user experience, the platform witnessed a surge in user satisfaction. Testimonials poured in, praising the platform's reliability, ease of use, and the value it added to alumni networking.

The Wavelength CEO, Katie Gibson, aptly summarized the partnership: “The dedication Carbonteq brings makes this feel less like a client-vendor relationship and more like a true partnership. Their commitment to delivering top-notch UX solutions while maintaining a harmonious relationship is commendable.”

The Results

CarbonTeq's solutions brought transformative results for Honeycomb Credit:

Superior User Experience

The platform became more intuitive, enhancing user satisfaction.

Efficient Investment Process

Investors experienced faster and smoother transactions.

Streamlined Operations

Automation led to significant time and effort savings.

Personalized User Engagement

Enhanced customization options provided a unique platform experience.

Data-Driven Insights

Consolidated data views enabled informed decision-making

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